Percepscion is a suite of Smart Energy products and services that will help utilities get the most out of their investment in Smart Meter technology.

At the heart of Smart Meters is the ability for consumers to view their electricity usage as it happens, rather than finding out after the fact when they receive their power bill. The availability of this information is critical to influencing behavioural change. If consumers can actually see that their usage is high, they are more likely to take steps to decrease their consumption.

To this end, Percepscion offers a range of products that make use of this information, such as the home electricity monitor PowerVu and the ApplianceVu range of products that will allow you to measure the power usage of individual appliances in the home.







Beyond energy applications, there are other applications that can leverage the Smart Meter network, such as FireVu, the fire danger rating fridge magnet that shows residents the relevant fire danger rating specific to their location.

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