What is Percepscion?

Percepscion is a DiUS start-up that develops products and applications that help consumers make more informed decisions by providing them with insightful and actionable energy and environmental information.

Smart Energy for the Connected Home

Percepscion has a suite of smart energy products for the connected home that make it easy for consumers to benefit from the introduction of smart grids and smart meters to monitor their electricity consumption and decrease their power bills.


PowerVu home energy monitor








PowerVu is Australia’s best selling home energy monitor. An intuitive, effective and elegant home energy monitor that makes it easy for householders to see and manage their electricity consumption, PowerVu was chosen by Australia’s largest electricity retailer, Origin Energy, for their smart energy program.

Charge IQ

ChargeIQ Terminal

ChargeIQ Terminal

The world’s first fully grid-integrated electric vehicle charging system, ChargeIQ provides benefits for the consumer and the electricity industry. ChargeIQ makes it easy for Electric Vehicle (EV) owners to minimise their charging costs and remotely manage their charging. In 2012 ChargeIQ was used to deliver the world’s first demonstration of EV demand management as a part of the Victorian Government’s Electric Vehicle trial.


LiveVu allows electricity retailers to deliver power consumption information to their customers in real-time, so that they can make better decisions about their energy use and decrease their electricity bills.

Environmental Information

Percepscion also develops applications that present users with important environmental information using data collected from sensors. Percepscion’s SmokeAlert application makes local air quality information available to the general public so that they can make more informed decisions about their health. SmokeAlert is currently being used by Victorians in a trial being run by Percepscion on behalf of the Department of Environment and Primary Industries.

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