DiUS Computing is pleased to announce its sponsorship of Agile Tour Sydney 2012. Agile Tour Sydney is a non-profit one-day conference run by practitioners that provides an interactive gathering focused on sharing practical skills and experience in agile adoption, project delivery, agile teamwork and agile development practices. The conference is being held in Sydney on the 23rd November at the Y Hotel and Conference Centre.

At the conference, Hanna Karlsson, Senior Consultant, DiUS, will be giving a presentation on Behaviour-driven Development (BDD). The session, ”BDD in the real world: how to evolve your approach”, is for anyone in an agile team who wants to learn more about BDD and how it can help them.

Hanna will look at how BDD directs the entire team to focus on the real business needs, and allows a common understanding of the behaviour of a system through the use of a common vocabulary and specification by example.

The session will also share some challenges that arose on real–world projects when applying BDD, why it’s so important to get the words right, and proven solutions to fully realise the communication and collaboration benefits of BDD.

For more information please visit the conference website.