We liked this Channel 9 video interview on Continuous Delivery with Peter Moran, Development Manager, Hooroo, and Ben Hogan, Iteration Manager, REA Group at YOW! 2012. Continuous Delivery is a key part of how we deliver projects; it’s how we streamline the delivery of new features, facilitate rapid iteration and feedback loops and get clients to market quicker.

To read more about how we used an automated one-click continuous deployment pipeline to help Hooroo get to market with speed, click here.

In the video Peter and Ben talk about their respective real-world experiences of Continuous Delivery at Hooroo and REA, including:

  • How Continuous Delivery adds value to their particular business models
  • The methodology/approaches used to implement Continuous Delivery
  • The suitability of Continuous Delivery for traditional software, e.g. desktop applications
  • Advice for developers on learning the culture and mechanics of Continuous Delivery
  • Approaches to maintaining a high level of quality
  • How to balance frequent delivery with the need to deliver the right thing to customers

Video Length: 17 mins 3 secs