At DiUS, we consider technology investigation and idea generation to be critical to maintaining our ability to deliver software that helps our clients innovate and grow. We’ve put a lot of energy into fostering an environment that encourages curiosity, investigation, and creativity.  So far, some great results have been achieved with dedicated Spike Days and the DiUS Innovation Challenge, but a company-wide Hack Day is the next step in lifting the level of collaborative idea development and building knowledge within DiUS.

So, I’m excited to announce DiUS’s first-ever company-wide Hack Day. On Friday 25th October everybody in the DiUS Sydney and Melbourne offices will be spending the entire day hacking on their great ideas.  And when we say everybody, we mean everybody: engineers, BAs, UX, PMs, marketing, finance, HR, sales engagement, GMs, BDMs, and our directors.

For our first hack, the theme is intentionally broad: anything that helps us, helps our clients, or helps the community. We want to build knowledge through risk-free exploration and experimentation, as well as foster the spirit of open-source contribution and teamwork. This is also a great way to progress community-based initiatives that people are already involved with.  Ideas can range from a technical PoC, to continuing a RHoK hack, to process hacks, to hacking the office, and everything in between.

In the spirit of risk-free experimentation, there will be no judging. All hacks will be showcased at a special follow-up evening session the following week. We’re extremely excited about some of the ideas that have been suggested already.

On the day we’ll be tweeting updates; follow @dius_au #HackDayDiUS.