AWS Summit 2014 Sydney

DiUS is excited to announce its sponsorship of the annual Amazon Web Services (AWS) Summit 2014 in Sydney on April 9 at the Hordern Pavilion & Royal Hall of Industries.

AWS Summits are free, one-day events hosted in 12 major cities around the world. These events are designed to educate new customers about the AWS platform and offer existing customers deep technical content to be more successful with AWS. Whether you are new to the cloud or an experienced user, you will learn something new at the AWS Summit.

DiUS is an Advanced Consulting Partner in the AWS Partner Network. We found that AWS is a powerful tool in our work to help our clients to be more responsive in today’s digital market. The ability to quickly and easily adapt to meet changing market and consumer needs is integral to business agility. AWS does the heavy-lifting to support DiUS’s agile and lean approach to designing and building digital products. By leveraging AWS products and solutions to quickly set-up automated infrastructure, DiUS is able to use Continuous Delivery and other practices and tools to get to market fast, use ongoing experimentation to test market scenarios and deploy changes daily.

The Sydney AWS Summit features two keynote sessions featuring Dr. Werner Vogels, Vice President and Chief Technology Officer at and leaders from hot start-ups and enterprises, and breakout sessions led by AWS engineers, AWS Customers and Solutions Architects.

DiUS is co-presenting with Vodafone Hutchison Australia

The Summit also features a co-presentation from DiUS and Vodafone Hutchison Australia (VHA).  Craig Rees, Head of Technology and Product Architect, Vodafone Hutchison Australia, and Charles Blaxland, Principal Consultant and Cloud Lead, DiUS will be presenting on: The Path to Business Agility for Vodafone: How Amazon made us “boring”.

As part of VHA’s company-wide mission to win back customers, the VHA Digital Products division, with the help of DiUS, built a strategic internal agile development and innovation capability. By leveraging AWS, VHA now has the powerful ability to be more responsive, to experiment, fail-fast and in turn, to deliver an improved customer experience across all digital touchpoints.

The presentation will share VHA’s journey so far by looking at the business objectives and diving into how people, process and technology made it happen:

  • Making a business case for AWS
  • Working within a complex technology landscape including legacy systems, COTS products as well as custom-built systems
  • The role AWS played in achieving change
  • Enabling daily deployments using Continuous Delivery and other practices and tools
  • What’s next on VHA’s agility roadmap

Space is limited so visit the event website to secure your free seat and to find out more information about the agenda.