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In this two-hour session, DiUS’s Beth Skurrie will visit your workplace and chat about her real world experiences building and testing microservices at In addition to question and answer time, your team will have the opportunity to workshop ways you can start using Pacts, a tool to transform your testing process.

Pacts to the rescue

About Beth


Beth Skurrie is a senior consultant at DiUS, specialising in Ruby development. Beth became a developer not because she particularly likes computers, but because she loves to solve problems and make things that are useful.

Most recently, Beth has been immersed in the microservices world. Inspired by J.B. Rainsberger’s talk, “Integrated tests are a scam,” her experience has created a firm belief that we should throw away traditional integration tests and use consumer-driven contracts instead.

This year, Beth has been busy writing blog posts and speaking at meetups and brownbags across the country. She can’t wait until she has free time to code again!

Connect with Beth: @bethesque


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