On the third day of festivus my colleague gave to me, three kookaburras laughing!



Introducing our Sydney Delivery Manager, Ricky Yim

I love technology. Whether that is using it, playing with it or building it. I combine this passion for technology with a pragmatic approach to problem solving. This allows me to help clients solve their problems in various ways.

Outside of work, I’m often found running the streets of Sydney. Whether that’s to conquer more Strava segments or find the best chocolate milkshake the town has to offer. Either way, I believe they’re both things that must be done.


What book have you reviewed?

Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us (2011), by Daniel Pink.

What is this book about?

Drive unravels the truth behind what motivates people. It breaks down the conventional thinking that using extrinsic factors like money will result in a higher level of output and engagement from people. It proceeds to define the three pillars that really drive people; autonomy, mastery and purpose.

What did you enjoy most about this book?

I really enjoyed this book because it changed the way I thought about the topic of motivation. Pink’s findings are both simple and ingenious at the same time. I found it applicable to myself and also those around me. In the teams I was working in and also the people I managed. A well written book that will keep you thinking long after you put it down.

How many kookaburras do you give this book out of five?