In a recent article from CRN, Steven Kiernan and Tony Yoo report on a sophisticated migration that took CarAdvice to the cloud using AWS Lambda. 

“Amazon Web Services partner DiUS Computing and client CarAdvice have undertaken Australia’s most sophisticated migration to the cloud provider’s Lambda serverless architecture. DiUS helped CarAdvice migrate its monolithic content management system to a new, API-driven architecture, underpinned by AWS Lambda – a service launched 18 months ago that allows users to run code without provisioning or managing servers – as well as Amazon API Gateway.”

“The use of AWS Lambda allowed the CarAdvice development team to focus on delivering business value rather than managing infrastructure, said Joe Losinno, principal of DiUS. In terms of bang for buck, where they really wanted to invest their money was on the areas that delivered business value, versus having to deal with the infrastructure and components. That is where Lambda delivers a lot of benefit for them.”

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