In a recent article from ARN, Leon Spencer reports on how cloud-based artificial intelligence and machine learning is on the cusp of providing Australian partners with new opportunities.

“The likelihood that a project drawing upon cloud based AI or machine learning will make it only as far as a proof-of-concept trial has, until recently, remained relatively high for Daryl Wilding-McBride, chief technology officer of Amazon Web Services (AWS) partner, DiUS.

“I’ve been doing proof-of-concept trials and investigations for nearly the past year,” WildingMcBride said. “It’s fair to say that people in business are aware of the coming wave in AI, and are certainly interested in what’s possible.

“Drawing upon AWS’s deep learning capabilities, Wilding-McBride and team have been working on a project that aims to take a video feed of crowds and understand the sentiment of the people in those crowds.”

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