In a recent article from CRN, Brendon Foye reports on how DiUS and Matterport helped REA Group capitalise on the rise of VR by building an app that would save time for busy property seekers.

Image: The DiUS and REA VR project team hanging out at REA Group’s Innovation Hub

“REA partnered with 3D modelling specialists Matterport to help with the app, but when it came to the technology side, AWS partner DiUS was enlisted to support development and help productise the app.

“DiUS helped to build the app using Unity, a program traditionally used by video game developers, while Google technology was deployed to support the build.

“When it came to productising the app, DiUS selected AWS CloudFormation, which is used to provision and manage AWS infrastructure as code. This allowed the teams to test locally, identify bugs early on and apply fixes prior to pushing any changes into the Google Play Store.”

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