In a recent article from IoT HUB, Peter Gutierrez chats with Russell Dupuy of Environmental Monitoring Solutions (EMS) on how they worked with DiUS to build a device platform that simplifies petrol station management using IoT and the cloud.

“EMS and development partner DiUS have created a site data aggregator called ‘FuelScan’ which can monitor the petrol pumps and communications that occur between the pumps and the 150,000 litres of product housed in underground storage wells at a typical petrol station.

“What makes EMS’ aggregator unique in the industry is it provides real-time visibility of a petrol station’s tank and pump system, via LTE connectivity to the AWS cloud.

“EMS managing director Russell Dupuy told IoT Hub on the sidelines of the AWS Summit in Sydney that FuelScan is the culmination of a five-year journey with its customers to move to unified real-time operations, who often were burdened with multiple legacy and proprietary technologies.”

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