Spreading Knowledge with the DiUS Method Cards

I’ve always known that growing and sharing what we’ve learnt is a large part of our culture, but I guess I never thought about how much we actually do until I started working on our Method Cards project.

We decided to create a deck of cards that can be used as a quick reminder of tools and methods that you can use on a variety of occasions. The idea was to share them within our communities to help spark inspiration and to help others advance their product thinking.

While working on the cards, I started thinking about how all the people I work with have a natural inclination towards sharing knowledge with each other, within the industry and also with our clients.

Our weekly brownbag presentations schedule is always booked up six months in advance with people wanting to share project lessons learnt, new ways of working or their latest UX or technology experiments.

Our Special Interest Groups focused on UX, Cloud Computing, Virtual Reality, Internet of Things, Agile and Coaching, and Big Data are really well attended. People regularly spend a lot of time preparing a talk on a groundbreaking topic to present at one of these monthly sessions over lunch. And it’s not just for the free lunch.

Also popular are the regular internal upskilling sessions which help our technical peeps stay ahead in areas such as iOS and Android app development, PACT, React, AWS and Virtual Reality. We love to learn!

We’ve formed a book club to help us grow and learn whilst enjoying quality conversations over cheese and wine.

Externally, we share our insights by speaking at meetups and conferences and also present tailored sessions to our clients.

We don’t just share through presenting, I often overhear conversations about a topic and people saying, that’s really interesting, how about you write about that for the DiUS blog.

Beyond sharing lessons and insights, we’re also about capability building. When we are working with our clients, we focus not just on helping them build their products but to upskill their people so that when we move onto another project, the team is equipped to work independently without our assistance.

And now back to the DiUS Method Cards, another touchpoint to spread more inspiration amongst our community of hungry brains.

We started with a pack of cards that are divided into five categories of activities:

  • Team energisers
    • What would you be if…
    • Coloured candy icebreaker
  • Ideation
    • Brain warm up: Thirty circles
    • Running a Brainstorm
  • Problem solving
    • How? What? When? Where? Why? Who?
    • Elevator Pitch
  • Explore and discover
    • The 5 whys
    • Design the ideal user journey
  • Research
    • Guerilla testing
    • Mystery Shopping

Each card features an activity overview and simple instructions. We’ve included below links to some resources that you can print out and use along with the cards.

The first batch of 10 DiUS Method Cards will be given away at the 2017 UX Australia Conference held in Sydney. DiUS is a Bronze Sponsor.

Be on the lookout for additional cards and two more categories including Prototyping and Systems Thinking.We’d love to hear about how you use the cards, tweet your experience using the #DiUSMethodCards. If you have further ideas of cards you’d like to see featured in the pack, tweet us at @dius_au.

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