About you:
The term ‘team player’ gets bandied about in business a fair bit, but you’d really need to be one to work here. Your success will be tied to that of your team. This structure promotes the values and environment which we love. You will be working towards realistic and achievable targets that encourage delivery of the type of work we want to do and the success of clients whom we love supporting.

You have:

  • experience in either technology consulting or solution sales
  • an appreciation of the nuances of selling complex technical solutions
  • the ability to work closely with our technical team (software engineers, IM’s, UX’s etc) and clients to help create the elegant solutions for which we are known for
  • a strong understanding of Agile methodologies and/or cloud based technologies (and the ability to make it
  • a demonstrable history of developing excellent relationships with your clients; and
  • an understated selling style, yet you don’t shy away from driving towards a mutually beneficial outcome.

Key responsibilities:

  • Business sales from new or existing client relationships. You will be comfortable with ‘true’ business development as well as widening our current client networks.
  • Take ownership of projects from end-to-end and providing support as required throughout. This is a role where you will be involved with each project from start to end! You will be responsible for reporting on sales and delivery pipelines, as well as revenue realisation.
  • Work with our Marketing team to develop innovative strategies to highlight our capabilities and showcase all of the awesome work we’re doing, with a strong focus on emerging technologies.
  • Lead presale conversations to establish the best technical solution as well as staff resourcing decisions to support project delivery.
  • Contribute to both the high-level company-wide sales strategy development as well as tactical ‘boots on the ground’ activities.

DiUS is an Australian technology consultancy. We developed our reputation in the Agile, open source development community way before all the cool kids (or the globals) were doing it. Our business is built on providing our clients with solutions to their gnarly technical or business problems. As part of our ongoing growth strategy, we are looking for a Client Engagement Manager to join our team.

Our clients, what we do and how we do it:
Our success has been built on providing our clients with elegant bespoke solutions as well as our ability to uplift the skills of our clients’ technology teams; leaving a legacy of technical excellence and sustainable delivery capability.

We engage with companies, big or small who share our values, culture and curiosity to solve problems, create efficiencies and explore the latest technologies.

We’re neither a body shop, nor a product house. Developing a relationship with DiUS as a client means becoming part of the DiUS family. We work with some of Australia’s largest companies, but also actively seek the opportunity to partner with innovative startups to help them along the path to becoming fully fledged businesses.

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