Oculo: A Vision for the Future of Eye Care

Oculo: A Vision for the Future of Eye Care

In collaboration with the Centre for Eye Research Australia (CERA), DiUS has developed a ground-breaking e-health system to support improved patient care. The result is OculoTM – designed to connect optometrists and ophthalmologists, and to improve the continuity of eye care.

Currently there are more than 3 million Australian and New Zealand patients with potentially blinding, chronic eye disease. Professor Jonathan Crowston, CERA’s Managing Director, and Dr Kate Taylor, CEO of Oculo wanted a practical way to connect optometrists and ophthalmologists, to streamline and support the evaluation and care of patients.

While there have been major technological advances enabling the diagnosis and treatment of eye disease, the majority of clinical communication between eye care professionals still relies on handwritten letters and faxes.

“Patient care suffers from duplications and – more importantly – from gaps. An online record could address both, meaning that shared records could inform treatment over time.” Professor Jonathan Crowston

Enter Oculo – built with the end user in mind to digitise the information sharing of patient referrals, images, scans and professional correspondence between eye care providers.

Extensive research and user testing make the system intuitive, visually appealing and elegantly efficient. An intelligent solution, Oculo will solve many eye health challenges for the collaborative care of patients in community and hospital settings.

“Oculo creates digital networks to increase the human connection between eye care professionals and to improve patient care.” Dr Kate Taylor

Built using Ruby on Rails and hosted on Amazon Web Services, Oculo complies with the relevant Federal and State requirements for the protection of health data and patient privacy. The latest encryption technologies are used to protect sensitive data while both at rest and in flight.

Oculo is a great initiative and an example of technology enabling positive change in healthcare. For more information on Oculo, refer to oculo.com.au.

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