Big data is now a recognised must have in an organisation’s strategy to gain competitive advantage, fuel growth and disrupt markets.

As everyone’s world becomes increasingly connected and digital footprints continue to grow, it’s become essential to get insights from the ever rising wave of big and fast moving data, and use it to drive new levels of performance.

At DiUS, one of the most exciting developments in information analytics is around the area of fast data – data that is generated at incredible speeds such as click-stream data, financial ticker data, log aggregation, or sensor data. This ‘fire hose’ type of data is extremely powerful as it provides the ability to act or alert as things are happening, in real time.

Driven by a need to be fast and reactive, while also keeping some things safe and steady, we know that many organisations are considering moving towards a two-speed IT architecture. DiUS has implemented some exciting solutions in this area – designing the architecture for a Data Lake as a heterogenous, long-term data store with very little implied structure that also quickly and efficiently transforms data into a queryable form. The chosen architecture of the Data Lake drives dynamic, real-time visualisations as well as the ability to go back to the raw sources, enabling the re-interpretation of insights. This will be important in the future as an understanding of the data and business needs evolve.

DiUS has delivered results to analysts looking to find patterns and develop actionable insights to support decision making or find ways to better engage with customers across the entire customer journey, as well as focusing on improving customer experience, reducing churn, increasing profitability, developing new services and delivering actionable alerts or offers in real time.

DiUS also has unique expertise into how the Internet of Things can be correlated with big data sets and used to drive customer insights or for new product development.

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