Hooroo: Helping Qantas Extend Their Reach

Hooroo: Helping Qantas Extend Their Reach

DiUS helps deliver a highly successful consumer-facing web application that has extended the Qantas Group’s reach into the burgeoning online travel marketplace.

A corporate start-up, Hooroo, was established to develop the capability for customers to book more of their travel itinerary online with the Qantas Group. Initially focused on online accommodation bookings, Hooroo ultimately aimed to create a scalable and extensible web application that would support the roll out of additional products and services.

Hooroo brought DiUS Computing on board to bootstrap the application development and help it launch the solution to market on schedule. DiUS provided advice on the most appropriate technology stack to meet Hooroo’s long-term needs. DiUS also provided valuable ongoing input into the formulation of the product development roadmap, for a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) for launch and beyond.

Starting Lean, the DiUS team used cloud-based tools and smart development practices to quickly get off the ground. The MVP approach enabled the team to quickly prioritise the essential solution features from the requirements of numerous internal and external stakeholder groups. Automating a continuous one-click deployment pipeline enabled deployment of new features to production on a daily basis, ensuring the solution was delivered on time. Cloud-based scaling techniques were employed to automatically scale and meet high peak demands.

Hooroo delivered 3 major production releases in 15 months; including becoming the accommodation platform for Qantas, Jetstar and finally launching under its own brand of Hooroo.

Hooroo offers consumers an enhanced experience while supporting accommodation suppliers, finance and other third party companies. Considered a great success within the Qantas Group, new features are being added on an ongoing basis to build out the product offering.

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