ResMed: Next-Generation Game Changing Market Solution

ResMed: Next-Generation Game Changing Market Solution

A DiUS and ResMed partnership has delivered a next-generation compliance management solution, EasyCare Online (ECO), to support ResMed’s continued leadership and growth in the rapidly growing global sleep-disordered breathing market.

Central to the success of the custom software development project was an Agile and Lean approach that helped the DiUS-ResMed team to continually prioritise features and get the product to market on time with the most business value.  Just as important was ResMed’s willingness to remove organisational red tape and dedicate the time to create a continual conversation with the development team and their customers and then to feed in ongoing changes in business priorities and objectives.

The team delivered working and fully tested software every two weeks, providing a high level of visibility as well as minimising project risk through ongoing validation that ResMed was on track to delivering a product that would meet customer needs.  A collaborative approach, bringing together ResMed’s experience with Food and Drug Administration (FDA) compliance processes and DiUS’s Agile expertise, was used to scale the project’s Agile approach to meet the requirements of software development in a medical environment.

ECO’s simplicity and ease of use provides a significant leap forward in meeting customer needs; it simplifies administration, reduces costs and provides better patient care. The new solution also provides ResMed with an accelerated ability to release new features to market in a dynamic sector.

“The partnership between DiUS and ResMed on the development of ECO is a great example of how a supplier can bring innovation to ResMed and enhance both of our businesses.” Mark Buckley, VP Product Development, Healthcare Informatics at ResMed

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