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Improve customer experiences, drive
internal efficiency

Utilising the best technology to streamline and automate with a human-centred design approach.

Are you delivering the best experience across your digital touchpoints?

Over the past couple of years, our dependency on technology for work, education, healthcare and daily commercial transactions has increased significantly. Given the deepening relationship between consumers and technology, retailers must ensure their digital experiences are not only meeting customer expectations but also exceeding them.

With online shopping trends here to stay, retailers must prioritise the experience of their customers across all touchpoints. This means having digital products that feature simple yet seamless user interfaces, which can reliably scale instantaneously according to demand. 

Throw emerging technologies into the mix and retailers can take things to the next level. Along with providing greater personalisation to customers, technology such as Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning can also automate manual processes for better internal efficiency.

DiUS combines engineering, product and delivery for a holistic approach

We have years of experience helping retailers gain competitive advantage with digital products that delight. Our human-centered design approach focuses on the customer to understand their wants and needs throughout the buying journey. We also work under the hood to re-platform and modernise applications to ensure long-term stability and scalability.

Create a clear view of the customer’s journey to understand the product opportunities and design valuable solutions.
Improve existing products or build new digital platforms that can scale and pivot instantly.
Application modernisation and frontend/ backend rebuilds to improve performance.
Utilise cross-functional teams across design, product and engineering for a holistic solution to your digital footprint.
Take advantage of data to gain insights into customer behaviour as well as stock and inventory levels.
Explore emerging technologies such as IoT and Machine Learning to transform experiences and drive efficiencies.

Our value proposition is a perfect fit to help retailers navigate the new and thrive in a digital economy. We focus on the application of emerging technologies and practice including agile/lean, experience design, cloud, the internet of things, virtual/augmented reality and machine learning to help our clients achieve their goals.

Who we have worked with in the retail industry

DiUS has worked with a number of retail and e-commerce organisations including Wesfarmers, RedBubble, Kmart and Dulux. We’d be happy to share what each of these projects involved, just get in touch to speak to one of our client engagement principals.

Discover why our clients keep coming back.

DiUS was engaged to develop and deliver a bespoke application for Reece Group, which was easy to maintain and manage, featuring a user interface that encouraged employees to articulate and validate their innovative ideas with no barriers to participation. The solution was created over two engagements. The first was an Innovation Toolkit which enabled employees to follow a seven-step process to define problems and explore potential solutions. The second was an Ideas Channel—a simplified version of the toolkit with a drop-down list of scenarios and activities that allowed for quicker problem and solution statements.

“We’ve worked with DiUS on this project through several iterations – from its inception through to where it is now which is a widely used product and tool that fosters innovation throughout our business. A great build partner who approaches technology from a creative and innovative lens that has helped us build a product that we know will have longevity far into the future.”

– Tyler Ross, Strategic Design Director, Next – Reece Group

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