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Given the pace in which customer expectations and whole industries are changing, financial services organisations need to innovate and move faster than ever before.

Revolutionary changes to the financial services industry have disrupted the status quo and challenged organisations to embrace new technologies, unlock actionable insights, and enhance customer experiences.

But often financial services organisations experience barriers to change—including complex legacy systems, data quality issues and regulatory compliance challenges—limiting their ability to innovate and evolve with confidence.

DiUS helps you deliver unique, ML-powered products and services.

We have a proven track record of helping financial services organisations evolve products and services, and deliver success with machine learning by focusing on the right problems, taking an experimental approach, investing in the latest advancements, building in-house capabilities, and ensuring organisational buy-in. We also help our clients: 

Improve existing products or build new digital platforms, including RoboAdvisors.
Create a clear view of the customer’s journey to understand the product opportunities and design valuable solutions.
Identify problems that are potential candidates for machine learning, and understand how it can feed features or drive actions within products and services.
Build, productionise and scale machine learning-powered solutions that can be deployed to the web, on mobile or devices.
Address data challenges and build data architectures to enable data analytics and machine learning.
Understand existing data and machine learning capabilities, and provide capability uplift to deliver ongoing machine learning solutions in-house.

For financial services organisations who are struggling to evolve a product or service, and deliver success with machine learning, we recommend starting with a rapid assessment of their tools, data, and existing models to work out the appropriate next steps and deliver the results they want.

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We have a broad range of experience across the financial services industry from working with startups and ISVs through to servicing the big four banks.

bolttech wanted to create a new, AI-driven experience for protection and insurance for used devices—replacing a process that typically required a physical inspection with a fully digital solution.

DiUS was brought in to help enable a new kind of customer experience. Using pioneering remote diagnostics technology, Click-to-Protect quickly and easily onboards customers onto device protection plans. Customers simply hold their smartphone in front of a mirror and move through a sequence of tests, powered by next-gen machine learning and computer vision technology.

“Delivering a production-grade, computer-vision driven customer experience needs more than technical expertise. It requires a deep understanding of the way humans interact with machines and in how to train machines to understand and process real-world data and images.

“DiUS’ proven expertise in AI and learning-based image segmentation analysis helped us rapidly progress from proof of concept to production, to continuous delivery. This has been executed with improving model accuracy, accelerated training time and zero-downtime in deployment of model updates.”

– David Lynch,

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