Complimentary two-hour AI/ML workshop

We’ll help you get started with AI/ML or review and recommend strategies to improve an existing AI or ML-powered solution. 

With access to the right expertise, we can help you achieve your desired business outcomes.

Generative AI has put AI at the forefront of everyone’s minds, it’s made getting started with AI easier, and from our commercial experience, we’re having more conversations about AI than ever before. Yet, it can still be difficult to know where to start and how to get started with AI and ML.

DiUS has the expertise to help you get started with AI/ML or review and recommend strategies to improve an existing AI or ML-powered solution. From understanding the business problem to taking a data-centric approach—including data pre-processing, sampling, and augmentation—through to foundation and large language models, prompt engineering and fine tuning, and/or alternative models/model improvements.

Our specialist AI/ML Practice can help you leverage the latest advancements in AI and ML, both internally and externally, to improve operational efficiency or build new customer experiences through personalisation and AI/ML-powered solutions.

DiUS was the first partner to obtain the AWS Machine Learning Competency in Australia and New Zealand and the AWS Applied AI Competency in Asia Pacific and Japan. We’re also the first partner to obtain both the AWS Machine Learning Competency and AWS IoT Competency in Australia and New Zealand.
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Whether you’re wanting to get started with AI and ML or are already building an AI/ML-powered solution, meet with a DiUS AI/ML Consultant to help with any challenges on your journey. We can help you understand your business challenges and pick the right problems to get started. Or we can help review and recommend strategies to improve your existing AI or ML-powered solution.


Client stories

We’ve helped our clients at every stage of the ML journey, from building PoCs to productionising pipelines and improving model accuracy.

bolttech: Seamless user experience thanks to next-gen machine learning

DiUS helped bolttech with a machine learning-powered customer experience to automate & simplify the smartphone insurance buying process.

Swoop Aero: Integrating AWS IoT Core and Machine Learning for critical air logistics

DiUS partnered with Swoop Aero to upgrade its technology platform with AWS IoT Core for greater reliability, security and safety at scale.

Datarock: Extracting new value in mining using artificial intelligence

The new SaaS product, DataRock, will change the way mining companies worldwide work, from exploration through to extraction.

About DiUS

DiUS is a technology consultancy that specialises in using emerging technology to solve difficult problems, get new ideas to market or disrupt traditional business models. With a cross-functional team of 150+ people across Australia and New Zealand, DiUS provides game-changing approaches to cloud enablement and product development— coupled with expertise in Internet of Things (IoT), big data, artificial intelligence and machine learning (ML).

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