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The evolution of data platforms from Data warehouses to Data lakes to data lakehouses

The Evolution of Data Platforms from Warehouses to Lakes to Lakehouses

Let’s go on a journey through the evolution of database technologies—a wild ride from the early days of proprietary systems to the modern era of data lakehouses. This blog provides an overview for anyone interested in the evolution and future of data handling.

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Bridging the Gap: GCP, Kaggle, and Spark for Aspiring Data Engineers

In this blog post, we will tackle a real-world data engineering challenge. We will target the datasets via the open-sourced platform Kaggle and use the GCP services to run PySpark functions for the ETL tasks and manage the queries and results for future analytics and reporting purposes.


Data getting in the way of AI/ML success?

Ultimately, the importance of data quality, engineering and building appropriate infrastructure and pipelines to enable business outcomes by scaling AI/ML cannot be overstated.

You have the data, now what?

You have the data, now what? About this event Data. It keeps coming up time and time again. On our social media feeds, in our client conversations, and has of

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IoT Series – Embedded Linux Fundamentals

We often get brought on board to help productise ‘IoT’ (that’s Internet of Things, if you have somehow managed to escape the acronym) devices, and depending on the domain it’s often a Linux based device. Something we commonly see is that developers who are entering the embedded Linux space from the server or desktop direction are carrying over patterns from there out of habit.

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