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contract testing code view

Contract Testing Serverless and Asynchronous Applications – Part 2

We have now entered the era of the serverless function and we no longer have to worry about where or how our code runs. Someone else will do the worrying for us (for a nominal price) and we only have to concern ourselves with getting our functions to fulfill their destinies and become all they can be.

Writing Pact Verification Statuses Code View

Publishing Pact Verification Statuses to Github

If you’re using Travis CI, Code Climate, or one of many other CI tools with Github, you’ve probably noticed the little checklist of items that shows just above the “merge” button when you open a pull request.

Pactflow Contract Testing Flow

Pact testing, Git workflow, and continuous integration

In a recent project, we had two frontend applications both of which are consuming common microservice APIs (all developed by our team). During the project we decided to go ahead with creating Consumer Driven Contract tests to make sure that all the applications were working well with each other.

API contract testing with Pact

Closing the loop with Pact verifications

Imagine – you’re on a team writing an app that uses three different HTTP APIs, and you’ve decided to use consumer contracts to test your integrations.

contract testing code view

Contract Testing Serverless and Asynchronous Applications

With the move to microservices, or µ-services for the more stylish, Consumer Driven Contract testing with Pact evolved as a strategy to be able to determine if all of our services will talk correctly to each other.


Contract testing

Contract testing is an approach that captures the interactions between two services and saves them as a contract, which can then be used later to verify that both parties adhere to it.

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