In a recent article from the ARN, Hafizah Osman reports on how Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality technologies are making their way into enterprise.  In addition, DiUS consultant, Matt Butt provides a partner perspective on this evolving market.

“Early adopters are typically SMB, and some mid-market business, but in particular the video games and adult industries,” DiUS consultant Matthew Butt said. “Inroads are being made in education, construction and training for large vehicles / machinery.”

“This new technology provides a much deeper immersive and personal way to consume data,” he added. “Working with vendors and providing shared data experiences is a benefit to the end consumer.

“Anyone with a front facing application or website should be considering the technology now, and following the rapidly changing eco-system around these technologies.”

In the future, Butt said computer screens and monitors will become non-existent, paving the way for virtual worlds and mixed reality to become the new norm. It will also present greater opportunities in the wearables space.

“A smart play for business in the future will be mixed reality devices (MR), such as smart glasses,” he added. “They can move the digital world into ours, with the information presented to us based on our immediate physical proximity.

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