Our technology stack recipes are combinations of components we have proven to work well together, developed and carefully refined on real-world projects we have delivered for our customers. We use and constantly update these recipes for our projects; we offer them here in the hope they can help you get a head start on your next Rails, Grails, or Java project.


Rails is increasing in popularity among developers and customers for its productivity benefits, maturing test frameworks, and vibrant ecosystem of gems and community support. Although in the past it was sometimes found to be lacking in performance and ability to horizontally scale, the Rails community has been busy making better performance a priority, to the point now where customers can confidently use Rails for their highest traffic applications.

Tech Recipes  - Rails


Java continues to be a requirement for many organisations who have established infrastructure and support processes based on the JVM, who have in-house skills in the Java language, and who want to leverage their collections of Java libraries built up over a number of years.

Tech Recipes  - Java


Grails is gaining in popularity for customers who want the productivity benefits of Rails but who want to continue to deploy on their JVM infrastructure. Grails is also attractive for organisations who have a Java application heritage and want to leverage Java libraries and services.


Tech Recipes  - Grails