Generative AI

Elevate experiences, optimise processes, transform your business.

Generative AI is more than just content generation; it’s unleashing a new wave of innovation and productivity that organisations can’t afford to ignore. However, navigating what’s possible requires an in-depth understanding of generative AI’s strengths and limitations. That’s where DiUS comes in.

Let us help you harness the power of generative AI and reshape the way you operate. From increasing efficiency to enhancing experiences, accelerating development to unlocking market opportunities, generative AI can drive competitive advantage with new products, solutions and business models.

The real world value of gen AI

Empower self-service with interactive chatbots and assistants, gain deeper insights through advanced conversational analytics, and cultivate deeper engagement with personalised offerings – all tailored to individual needs and preferences.

Find accurate information quickly and easily, simplify content creation and summarisation, accelerate software development with intelligent code suggestions, and automate report generation for faster insights, all while freeing up valuable time for higher-level thinking.

Seamlessly extract information and gain insights from documents through intuitive question and answering, expand your ML training data with realistic synthetic samples, and optimise processes by evaluating business-specific scenarios for improvements and cost reductions.

Craft compelling content that resonates with your audience, personalise sales outreach to boost engagement, and tailor product design based on user feedback and insights without wasting time or resources.

Our playbook for generative AI success

DiUS specialises in end-to-end generative AI solutions from ideation to deployment. This is thanks to our familiarity of the AI/ML lifecycle together with years of experience building PoCs and taking them to production.

  • Any generative AI journey starts with identifying the right data and making sure it’s structured correctly. From there, we can confidently select the right Large Language Model (LLM) based on your unique scenario.
  • We embrace experimentation to explore the potential and pitfalls of generative AI. While these experiments don’t always translate to production-ready solutions, they help pave the pathway to desirability, feasibility and viability.
  • At every step, we meticulously weigh the risks and rewards before proceeding. Through stronger governance, less error tolerance and fewer hallucinations, we can start tackling more complex tasks.
  • An MLOps approach to generative AI ensures that we can take your idea though the AI/ML lifecycle, from ideation and engineering to deployment and productionisation. This functionable, reliable and repeatable process allows us to build successful gen AI solutions.

Examples of how we've helped clients with gen AI

Image correction
Datarock is a machine learning-powered platform that helps geologistics with decision making throughout the exploration and mining process. DiUS used generative AI models to remove textures in images that could be confused with cracks, therefore improving model performance.
Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG)
Powersensor wanted to minimise support calls from customers with questions about its energy monitoring solution. DiUS used the FLAN-T5 model on Amazon Sagemaker Jumpstart to build a Q&A conversational interface with RAG.
Attribute extraction
DiUS compared LLMs from OpenAI, GCP and AWS to extract brands and descriptions from product catalogues to help our client better categorise its inventory. We also trained models in Amazon Sagemaker to recognise relevant text in product names and descriptions, such as the type of product, units of measure etc.
Conversational interface
DiUS has been working with a retail discovery platform to reimagine how their customers can find the right products on their website through generative AI. Using a conversational interface, customers can ask for recommendations on products according to brand, price etc. and an LLM will provide the answer.

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Generative AI thought leadership

Integrating ChatGPT into your product

We’ve all been flooded with posts, tweets and discussions on the use of ChatGPT, and how it can be used in many industries. While there are probably as many critics as embracers of the technology, we thought we’d take a different view and explore how ChatGPT could be used to further drive customer value to existing products.

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