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Our services span the entire product lifecycle, from idea validation and proof of value, through to end-to-end digital product development. Learn more about our focus areas below.

Application Modernisation

We help you define, or redefine, the technology and implementation practices within your organisation to promote improved efficiency and speed to market. Our focus is on automating infrastructure through cloud, microservices, CI/CD , Kubernetes and upskilling teams using a DevOps approach. In particular, our rapid assessment of an organisation’s current infrastructure helps identify where inefficiencies exist, where performance can be improved and where costs can be reduced—striking the right balance between cloud performance and cost. Find out more about our cloud optimisation capabilities.

Some examples:

Cloud-first platform

DiUS partnered with nib to help them create a cloud platform that would enable the business to continually innovate, experiment and build competitive advantage, as well as enable the business to live its value of challenging the status quo.

Serverless CMS infrastructure

DiUS helped CarAdvice migrate its existing Content Management System towards a serverless infrastructure; accelerating a shift towards an API-driven architecture.

Winning back the customer

DiUS partnered with Vodafone to improve the experience of their customers; responding to their desire to self serve rather than use traditional service options.

Product Development

We provide expertise across the entire product lifecycle from ideation and service design, design sprints, proof of concepts, creating a minimum viable product and then building a cloud-native product to scale. Using a mix of lean user experience (UX) design and research methods – along with analytics, market research and user testing – our team facilitate and execute tech solutions, enabling you to make decisions quickly and with confidence. Find out more about our product development capabilities.

Some examples:

Native cross-platform mobile app

DiUS helped the Black Dog Institute build BrighterSide — a mobile application that acts as a self-help program to support people who are experiencing thoughts of suicide or self-harm.

Scaling in-house expertise and ML into digital products for workforce management

Bringing innovative ideas to life with product design, UX and software engineering.

Product prototyping approach

DiUS partnered with Medibank’s strategy and innovation team to improve their ability to test new ideas and get them to market quickly with a product prototyping approach using Lean and Agile principles.

Data & Analytics

We create actionable insights from big and fast data. We use high performance compute to speed up algorithmic models, build big data processing pipelines, employ predictive analytics and machine learning to deliver new insights, model brand new algorithms and create data lakes to process and store fast data. Find out more about our data and analytics capabilities.

Some examples:

Next-generation data management

Looking for a technology partner with a big data capability, MYOB enlisted the help of DiUS with prototyping and building a next-generation data processing platform.

HPC platform for medical research

The Systems Biology and Personalised Medicine Division at the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research enlisted the help of DiUS to accelerate the processing and analysis of embarrassingly parallelizable data and image sets.

Secure cloud research platform

DiUS enables 40x faster analysis of multi-billion-row highly-sensitive patient databases.

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

We’re focused on helping organisations leverage the advancements in AI, specifically the ability of machine learning to solve complex, real-world business problems. We bring domain experts together with cloud and ML specialists to reinvent processes and discover new areas of opportunity. Find out more about our AI and ML capabilities.

Some examples:

Seamless user experience thanks to next-gen machine learning

Driving digital innovation with AI and computer vision to deliver a pioneering new business model.

ML powered drill core analysis software

DiUS and Solve Geosolutions extract new value in mining using artificial intelligence.

Nibby Chatbot

nib is one of Australia’s fastest growing health insurers, providing health and medical insurance to over one million Australian and New Zealand residents.

Internet of Things

We bring Internet of Things sensor information and digital together. We design, prototype and manufacture hardware with embedded software to create products that provide actionable insights from sensors and networks. We build data management platforms to correlate sensor information with Big Data sets to drive customer insights, trend analysis and predictions. Find out more about our IoT capabilities.

Some examples:

IoT enabled remote care to ensure better diagnosis

DiUS helped NSW Pathology transform its point-of-care solution with an IoT framework powered by Microsoft Azure.

Automated IoT solution to reduce time, errors and costs

Engineering a sustainable energy future through more IoT-enabled mini-grid communities.

IoT fuel management system

Environmental Monitoring Solutions enlisted the help of DiUS with building an end-to-end IoT solution to help tackle the global petroleum industry problem of petrol station inefficiencies.

Experience & Service Design

We leverage Human-Centred Design approaches to design and deliver solutions to meet user needs and are easy to use. We conduct user research, map an organisation’s touchpoints to create a seamless customer experience.

Some examples:

Empowering employee innovation through easy-to-use tools

Creating a new platform that staff can use to easily raise ideas and solve problems.

Cross-platform mobile banking application

For the first time, ME Bank customers can now bank on-the-go using a new cross-platform mobile banking application built by DiUS in just eight weeks.

Digital aggregator platform

The SpiritX digital platform supports an aggressive growth strategy and meets market demand for bundled services.

Ideation & Innovation Labs

We’re experts at exploring  and mapping out how an idea can be built using a highly interactive, experimental and user-focused process. We can help you  validate if an idea has value before committing further investment.

Some examples:

Cloud-first platform

DiUS partnered with nib to help them create a cloud platform that would enable the business to continually innovate, experiment and build competitive advantage, as well as enable the business to live its value of challenging the status quo.

Build the right thing

Kao Australia teamed up with DiUS to explore an idea and design an experience to help engage their stakeholders and build brand advocacy.

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DiUS wishes to acknowledge the Traditional Custodians of the lands on which we work and gather at both our Melbourne and Sydney offices. We pay respect to Elders past, present and emerging and celebrate the diversity of Aboriginal peoples and their ongoing cultures and connections to the lands and waters of Australia.

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