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What does climate change, homelessness, education, gender inequality and healthcare have in common?

 At DiUS, we’re passionate about improving the world for future generations and helping address some of the biggest challenges faced by our society today.  One of the ways we do this is through our community partnerships. So, when we were asked to participate in the Youth Futures Summit, we jumped at the opportunity! Youth Futures Summit is a virtual, three-day…

8 tips on how to master your product backlog

So, you’ve got an idea for a digital product. It could be a website, a mobile app, an IoT platform or a recommendation system powered by machine learning. The potential of today’s technology means that an increasing number of ideas can now be turned into reality.  But what does the journey from idea to reality look like in a digital…

IoT security: Protection against unwanted access to your devices

I often come across IoT systems where all the focus is on ensuring that the infrastructure and any data transmitted mitigates the risk of external or unwanted penetration. However, protection against physical access to connected devices, such as smart TVs, remote medical devices, security and home automation devices and smart appliances, is often overlooked.   Cybersecurity is already one of the…

IoT Series – Using AWS IoT Core On Embedded Linux

We’ve used AWS IoT Core so many times on an embedded Linux device, we created an open source service to reduce implementation effort . Dubbed chariotd and written in NodeJS, its a very useful and a lean implementation that provides access to key AWS IoT Core features – Device Shadow handling, MQTT message publishing and Fleet Provisioning.

convergence of the physical and the digital

IoT Series – Embedded Linux Fundamentals

We often get brought on board to help productise ‘IoT’ (that’s Internet of Things, if you have somehow managed to escape the acronym) devices, and depending on the domain it’s often a Linux based device. Something we commonly see is that developers who are entering the embedded Linux space from the server or desktop direction are carrying over patterns from there out of habit.

participating in a GameDay

Let’s have a GameDay!

A few weeks ago, I was given the opportunity to participate in a GameDay on a client engagement. As this would be my first Gameday, I was super excited, however I had little idea about what to expect, or how I should prepare for it. In this blog post, I’ll share my own personal experience from participating in a GameDay, with a focus on the more technical side of things.

machine learning projects

Getting machine learning projects into production successfully

As specialists in helping organisations navigate new areas of tech, we wanted to share what we’ve learnt about how to successfully productionise ML projects. The practical points discussed here will benefit ML specialists and consultants, MLOps and project managers or software developers who are involved in productionising ML projects.

FinTech industry

Meet the global startups transforming the FinTech industry

The FinTech sector has grown tremendously over the past five years, and is also extremely fast moving with new themes emerging. With payments and neo banks now well established, the major themes in this year’s program were health and wellbeing, RegTech, InsurTech, back office, claims and risk, data management and corporate social responsibility.

Computer vision experiment

Lunch & Learn Q&A: How computer vision can augment how we work and design new customer experiences

Earlier this week we heard from Nigel Hooke—AI/Machine Learning Lead and Shahin Namin—Machine Learning Engineer at DiUS on their experience building commercial software applications powered by computer vision. Following their talk, the team took some really great questions from the audience. So, we thought we’d capture them here for anyone who either missed their talk, or wanted to refer back to them.

User experience image

The future of CX in 2020, and beyond

This change in consumer behaviour provides a new opportunity for many businesses to re-imagine the customer experience (CX). So, how can businesses better prepare for the post-COVID and modern-day customer? We spoke with DiUS experts—Kirsty Miller, Sadia Mir, Tom Wall and DiUS Director and Co-Founder, Joe Losinno—on the future of CX in 2020, and beyond.

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