In 2004, DiUS founders Joe Losinno and Clency Coutet had a vision to build the best Australian product development company, from ideation to production. DiUS would engineer software and hardware devices using the latest technologies. And just as important, we would be a company that focused on making our part of the world better than we found it.

Today, DiUS is an amazing team of pioneers, thinkers, investigators, doers, collaborators and changemakers, and we love what we do. We believe in creating a positive impact through technology: on our clients and their customers; on the way products are built and delivered within our industry, and on the communities in which we work and live.

We’re proud of each and every one of the 765+ projects we’ve delivered in 15+ years, the community of client partnerships we’ve created and how we lead the industry in the commercial application of new technologies. And we’re also proud that our people are a strong voice for advancing technology application through sharing our insights at meetups, SiGs and conferences, as well as enthusiastic and energised contributors to a wide array of social causes.

A large part of who we are and what makes us different is our values, they reflect our passion, purpose and beliefs. We’re excited about what comes next in our journey to make our part of the world better than we found it.