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Given the pace in which customer expectations and whole industries are changing, manufacturing organisations need to innovate and move faster than ever before.

Seamless, automatic over-the-air updates—without the need for technicians or hardware changes—is not just a nice to have, it’s essential for modern IoT infrastructure and paves the way for future innovation.

But the way many connected products have been designed and built can make updating or adding new features complex and risky. The prospect of product downtime, security breaches or major impacts to the customer experience stop many from even attempting to innovate.

DiUS helps you deliver unique, tailored product innovations.

We have a proven track record of helping manufacturing organisations design, develop and manufacture new connected products, as well as improve the reliability, performance and security of existing products and services. We help our clients:

Develop and manufacture new connected products, and improve existing products and services.
Apply artificial intelligence / machine learning at the edge for predictive maintenance, and faster decision making.
Implement automated over-the-air updates to deploy new software versions quickly and seamlessly to any device, anywhere.
Achieve best practice, end-to-end security from the physical device and cloud architecture through to the digital product.
Optimise software and/or hardware production and deployment processes to scale operations.
Attain local and international regulatory certification and approval of products.

For manufacturing organisations that have a connected product and are experiencing issues with scaling reliably and securely, we recommend our IoT Well Architectured Framework Review (WAFR). A short and sharp engagement, our WAFR takes a look at the software, firmware and hardware to diagnose any high-risk areas and allow the organisation to prioritise remediation according to their business needs.

Discover why our clients keep coming back.

We have helped a number of manufacturing organisations design, develop and manufacture connected products through our AWS cloud, IoT and machine learning capabilities.

Functionality and security shortcomings in a previous mobile application, which was designed to mirror wall controller functionality, left Seeley International needing further improvements.

DiUS was brought in to evaluate the current system and develop new firmware, improve security between mobile devices and the AWS services, register devices with AWS IoT Core and implement proper CI/CD with infrastructure as code.

“The DiUS team is extremely professional, and delivers quality solutions in a timely manner. They have a wealth of knowledge in the AWS space and offer expertise in many areas including IoT and AI/ML. The team is friendly and happy to support you to become familiar with the environment’s solutions they build so that you can get an understanding and have the ability to maintain it should you desire.” 

– Barry Earl,

Seeley International

Following the successful launch of Fuelsuite, Environmental Monitoring Solutions wanted to connect sensors in its petrol stations’ underground tanks and pumps, collect data at 30-second intervals, and display it via a web-enabled interface in near-real time.

DiUS was brought in to help re-engineer the Fuelsuite technology and deliver an innovative off-the-shelf product that was user-friendly and easily customisable. The new version of Fuelsuite allows data from the sensors to be aggregated by a custom-built physical device, called Fuelscan, which is situated inside the petrol stations.

“We imagined Fuelsuite to disrupt the retail petrol industry worldwide. DiUS understood the challenge and opportunity, and used their deep expertise in IoT devices and embedded software engineering to help us bring our vision to life.
“The Fuelsuite solution has enabled us to achieve the dual benefits of proactive petrol station management and a reduced environmental impact.”

– Russell Dupuy,

Environmental Monitoring Solutions

In order to scale its operations, Swoop Aero wanted a sustainable way to centrally and securely manage and deploy over-the-air updates, leverage data analytics for intelligent preventative maintenance and custom state-of-the-art computer vision models on the edge for increased safety.

DiUS provided a variety of specialist capabilities and embedded engineering, AWS IoT Core and cloud architecture to help Swoop Aero scale its operations and meet the security and compliance requirements across multiple regions.

“DiUS has a great mix of staff with a great mix of deep skills in individual areas. For us, we leverage DiUS as a partner that provides access to detailed knowledge and experience when we take on new challenges. That goes from working with us to make industrial-grade IoT hardware to creating a world-class Flight Log analysis process with Machine Learning in AWS.”

– Andrew Thomas,

Swoop Aero

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