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Streamline data, unlock insights, ignite innovation.

Data is fast becoming an integral element of every decision, customer touchpoint, and internal process. Yet making data both more meaningful and more rapidly available in the right context is a major challenge for almost every organisation. And there’s a bigger data load on the horizon.

The reality is that many organisations are data rich but insight poor. Without strong data foundations in place, they find it difficult to deliver data insights for better business decision making, for new business models and service lines and for improved customer experiences. Moreover, without the right data, it’s far more challenging to leverage the power of automation and prediction through machine learning.

The true potential of your data

Harness the power of data to transform gut feeling into information backed actions.

Cut through the clutter by turning hours of data digging into moments of clarity.

With more dependable data, you can safeguard your operations against regulation and risk. 

Be ahead of the curve, ready for new cutting edge technologies like AI/ML.

The DiUS Difference

  • Problem-first approach: Poly-skilled consultants who look beyond the technology and focus on turning data into business value.
  • Data journey experts: From getting those foundations right, through to building infrastructure and pipelines to constructing data platforms and on to advanced analytics and AI/ML.
  • Support for AI at scale: Deep understanding of how to make data contextual and accessible under the hood to enable AI/ML and genAI, as well as building and productionising models to deliver actionable insights and results.
  • Practical and impactful: Pragmatic focus on delivering what’s needed while reducing costs and supporting scale.
  • Partners in success: Committed to delivering success for our clients and their customers.
  • Unlock interia: Trusted and experienced in advising on the best path towards getting a data house in order.
  • Growth catalysts: Emphasis on investing the time to uplift those around us to leave behind an enduring data capability.

How we can help you

At DiUS, we recognize that data’s true power lies not just in collection, but in interpretation and actionable insight. And we’re focused on the right use of data and AI to uncover significant new opportunities for growth and efficiency.

We’ve helped many organisations improve operations, reduce costs and leverage new technologies such as machine learning and generative AI by breaking down data silos and improving data management to deliver clean, consistent, and accurate data. DiUS’ data, analytics and AI/ML services include:

Data architecture, strategy & security

Enable data connectivity and interoperability across different infrastructure components by breaking down data silos and providing trustworthiness, security and compliance.


Develop reusable datasets, data-as-code, analytics models or dashboard reports that support use cases across multiple functions or create new revenue streams.

Data engineering &
analytics pipelines

Put data into action by automating and scaling the ingestion of data from disparate sources for storage or analysis, including transformation, monitoring and orchestration. 

Data platform modernisation & management

Reshape current data infrastructure, or build brand new platforms in order to improve scalability, automate data governance, reduce administrative complexity and get more value from your data.

Artificial Intelligence, ML
& Analytics

Use data analytics or the power of machine learning, predictive or generative, to automate routine work or drive decision making to deliver business efficiencies, improve customer experience or create new sources of revenue.

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