We are builders, effecting change.

In addition to having successfully developed more than 200 projects over the past 10+ years, we have also developed a number of our own commercial products.

These include solutions and products that leverage smart metering technology through our smart energy start-up Percepsion and helping businesses make sense of their search through SpringSense, our enterprise search relevancy business.

We’re able to apply many valuable lessons we’ve gained through developing our own products to help our clients realise their vision and develop a better product.

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What is Percepscion?

Percepscion is a DiUS start-up that develops products and applications that help consumers make more informed decisions by providing them with insightful and actionable energy and environmental information.

Smart Energy for the Connected Home

Percepscion has a suite of smart energy products for the Connected Home that make it easy for consumers to benefit from the introduction of electricity consumption and decrease their power bills.

Power Vu

PowerVu is Australia’s best selling Smart Energy device. An intuitive, effective and elegant home energy monitor that makes it easy for householders to see and manage their electricity consumption, PowerVu was chosen by Australia’s largest electricity retailer, Origin Energy for their Smart Energy program.

Charge IQ station
Charge IQ

The world’s first fully grid-integrated electric vehicle charging system, ChargeIQ provides benefits for the consumer and the electricity industry. ChargeIQ makes it easy for Electric Vehicle (EV) owners to minimise their charging costs and remotely manage their charging. In 2012, ChargeIQ was used to deliver the world’s first demonstration of EV charging demand management as a part of the Victorian Government’s Electric Vehicle trial.

AMI Connect

AMIconnect is an iPad application that streamlines the process of connecting In-Home Displays (IHDs) to household Smart Meters. AMIconnect was conceived in response to the Victorian Energy Efficiency Target program requirements, but can be tailored for any in-the-field Smart Grid registration activity.


LiveVu allows electricity retailers to deliver power consumption information to their customers in real-time, so that they can make better decisions about their energy use and decrease their electricity bills.

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SpringSense is a search relevancy business dedicated to helping businesses make sense out of their search. SpringSense’s technology allows computers to more accurately recognise the meaning of text, rather than relying solely on keywords. Not only is this more accurate, it also eliminates the need for people to adapt their thinking to the way computers work. It also eliminates the need for manual intervention in the form of synonym dictionaries, custom taxonomies and the like.

At the heart of the SpringSense meaning recognition engine is a patented Word Sense disambiguator, which has two properties that do not exist in any other disambiguators:

  • It works in linear time and can therefore scale to be used in high-volume applications such as search.
  • It has the highest accuracy of any known fine-sense, unconstrained vocabulary disambiguator with a precision of 92.4%, which is eight times better than any known competitor.

Search Mark

SearchMark is an automated test suite for benchmarking search performance. SearchMark provides all search stakeholders with clarity about the quality of their search results. It provides search product owners with a concrete search quality metric and allows them to align search results with business goals, whilst providing developers and testers with an automated test suite that can be integrated into the development process to continuously measure and improve search performance.

SpringSense Automated Relevancy

A search relevancy booster for enterprise search solutions.

SpringSense Cloud

SpringSense Cloud is a AWS CloudSearch relevancy booster. Now you can have all the benefits of AWS CloudSearch product with the added benefit of state of the art search relevancy.

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