In early July (2015), DiUS brought together some of our most experienced senior technologists for the regular Senior Tech Meetup (STM) in Melbourne. The team is typically spread across far-flung projects, customer sites and cities, so the STM is a great opportunity for the team to share experiences around the current technology landscape and what they see as the emerging trends.

STM Lightening Talks

Members of the STM hard at work. 

The team also tackles broader topics around nurturing our culture, growing the broader team, and how to maintain DiUS as a sustainable business.

The final session of the day involved lightning talks which included:

  • The history of migrating applications into the cloud; to how Amazon’s API Gateway and Lambda are now leading to infrastructure-less services.
  • Ruby vs JavaScript – The recruitment challenges across different technologies/languages.
  • Trailblazer on Rails – Writing ruby apps that use rails, not the other way around.
  • More than tech and money – how to deliver positive social outcomes by Creating Shared Value (CSV) projects.
  • Event streaming architecture – the various technologies coalescing around an ‘event driven’ paradigm e.g. event driven architecture, event stream processing (eg: Kafka, Storm), event driven programming models (eg: Lambda, Meteor), functional reactive programming.
  • The current and future state of UX at DiUS.
  • APIs, Products, and CMS – With the invasion of CMSs what is the best use of CMSs e.g. content, and how to integrate CMSs into project delivery.
  • Delivering lasting change –  What are best approaches for leaving enduring and sustainable change post project delivery?

STM Lightening Talks 2

Ian Donaldson presenting his lightning talk. 

As always, it was a fantastic day and there are plenty of exciting opportunities for the team to work on over the next six months and beyond.