Three Women in Tech

IWD2020: Let’s make each for equal a reality

Celebrating International Women’s Day this year was bittersweet. It’s wonderful to be part of an event that’s so widely adopted. It’s an occasion to talk up all the wonderful women we know and work with—and goodness me there are many—to raise awareness of how far we still have to go in workforce gender equality, and talk about how to get there. But it’s also a reminder that it’s 2020 and we still live in a world without equality, not just in gender.


Not just another READ ME

It seems more README’s are being created and shared by the day. So is it just a fad or should all managers write one of these? A README is a user manual written by managers on their management style, philosophies, expectations, communication preferences, and more. Think of it like a how to guide for getting to know and working for your boss.

Pete Cohan

Meet the team: Pete Cohen

When you are editing digital music, if you move something even 5 milliseconds, you can totally hear it. The music is no longer working – things are out of whack. When you translate that to a team or an organisation, it’s about creating conditions where people can get in tune with what is going on for that group of people

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