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A look into the career of… Kin Lee

Ever wanted to know what daily life in a tech consultancy looks like?  In our latest blog series, we chat with Kin Lee, Senior Machine Learning Consultant – about his


Remote Working Coffee Retrospectives with the Lean Coffee Table

As a facilitator, every retrospective is like a coffee—with the right blend of technique and creativity it will be as good as you make it. Doing preparation prior to a retrospective is crucial to its success and ensuring that the team sees value, resulting in a more engaged group.

Working remotely with client

Managing the day-to-day when working on a remote client project

As a technology consultancy with flexible work practices, we’re well versed in this way of working. So, we wanted to share some tips and tricks for how we work remotely with our clients. We spoke with Bryan Signey and Danilo Lo Santo, two of our Sydney based Software Engineers, about their experience working on a remote client project.

Working remotely

What it’s like working remotely, full-time

In September last year, I began working remotely with DiUS from Perth. I had previously worked from home on the occasion, but working remotely day in day out is a different story.

Starting new things

Starting new things, in new ways

Think of the last time you were involved in kicking off a new project. How was the experience of getting everyone aligned around the vision and started on the actual work? Was it smooth and quick, or did you encounter some bumps along the way?

Remote leadership team

Leading Remotely: From Tokyo to Melbourne

For the last few years I’ve been working remotely from Tokyo, with only short trips back to Melbourne to visit clients and catch up with colleagues. Working remotely has its fair share of challenges (and benefits), and being a technical lead for a team while remote can add a few more to both lists.

Three Women in Tech

IWD2020: Let’s make each for equal a reality

Celebrating International Women’s Day this year was bittersweet. It’s wonderful to be part of an event that’s so widely adopted. It’s an occasion to talk up all the wonderful women we know and work with—and goodness me there are many—to raise awareness of how far we still have to go in workforce gender equality, and talk about how to get there. But it’s also a reminder that it’s 2020 and we still live in a world without equality, not just in gender.

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