My new iPhone 7

When my brand spanking new iPhone 7 Plus arrived, I was pretty excited to say the least.

My quest for the new iPhone 7 began when I was in San Francisco in September, right around the time Apple launched its new product line. There were lines of people outside every Apple shop in sight, flocks of people wanting to be one of the first to own this beautiful piece of hardware. Jealousy struck me, and that was it, I had to have one. So as soon as I got back to Melbourne, I made it my mission, I was going to get my hot little hands on one.

So in an irrational impulse purchase, I upgraded my existing iPhone 6 a few months early. Not wanting to wait for the free upgrade period on my contract to tick over (which was less than 30 days away), I hopped online and ordered this jet black beauty with pure lust in my eyes.

Then the day came when it arrived. As soon as our office manager announced that there was a package waiting for me at the front desk, I knew… IT WAS HERE! I rushed to collect it and went straight back to my desk to open the box. Working for a technology consultancy, naturally I am surrounded by software and hardware engineers, so as soon as my colleagues got wind of what had just arrived, I had a small gathering of people who wanted to be a part of the action. From the sleek packaging through to the smooth design of the device itself, Apple had proven to me yet again that they know exactly how to create the perfect user experience.  

Photo: Selfies with my new iPhone 7 Plus #jetblackbeauty thanks to my trusty iPhone 6

Two weeks on, my new sidekick has had its fair share of use. So after many insta selfies, here are a few things I have learnt about the iPhone 7 Plus.

Arranging and accessing apps and folders

A little trick that took me far too long to work out – unlike the iPhone 6, the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus have 3D touch. This feature allows you to press on the screen and depending on the degree of pressure, will give you a different option or action. For example, pressing firmly on an app or folder will display a quick actions menu – each app or folder will give you a different set of options depending on the apps functionality/purpose. However, a light tap on the app or folder will display an x and shake shake shake, allowing you to move or delete it.

The perfect camera for the avid selfie taker

The 3D touch is a wonderful feature, especially when it comes to taking a quick photo or video. Pressing firmly on the camera app will give you a number of options, including ‘Take Selfie’. No longer do I have to worry about missing out on the perfect selfie opportunity.

Now I know that the iPhone 6S had a front flash, but this is one feature I am thoroughly enjoying on the iPhone 7 Plus. The camera (and its front flash) is actually one of the main reasons for my imptu upgrade. No longer do I have to rely on Snapchat to give me the perfect well lit selfie. And in addition, the Plus also has a dual camera – it boasts optical zoom, has raw image support and true tone flash.

Taking a quick dip is no longer a problem

I love to hike and that can come with great risk, especially when using your iPhone near water. But no longer is this an issue. Only the other weekend I undertook a 22km hike – crossing rapids and taking photos at every opportunity – and not once did I have to worry about my phone taking a dip. I love the fact the new iPhone 7 and 7 Plus is water resistant!

Photo: Here I am crossing Erskine Falls in Lorne

The iPhone 7 Plus is everything I expected and more. So much so, it turns out I have taken almost 400 photos in the last 2 weeks.  

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