In a recent article from ARN, Hafizah Osman reports on how DiUS and CiBUS collaborated and won the 2017 Telstra Innovation Challenge.

“Focused for the first time on agricultural Internet of Things (IoT) solutions, DiUS and CiBUS Group stood out from the rest of the pack for having the potential to solve some current industry challenges, especially ones that confront Aussie farmers.

“DiUS senior consultant Zoran Angelovski told ARN that this was then handed over to its team of four consultants and engineers from DiUS to formulate a solution.

“As a business, we develop custom solutions on IoT platforms,” Angelovski said. “We span anywhere from user research and design to software development and also the embedded world – so hardware and firmware development.

“We have our own data scientists as well to solve problems using data from some of the IoT platforms we’ve created.

“So, for this collaboration, we developed an end-to-end solution based on Telstra kit and on its machine-to-machine (M2M) network and connecting to its cloud service.

“We created some cost-effective sensors for this idea that paired with Telstra technology.

“There are similar sensors out there in the market, but they are far too expensive to be viable from a commercial perspective,” he said. “We developed a technique that was cheap, and that was the aim of the challenge for us.”

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