DiUS announces general release of Powersensor

Australian technology company DiUS Computing Pty Ltd announced the general release of its latest Internet of Things (IoT) energy monitoring device, the Powersensor.  The Powersensor is a compact smart device that measures and sends detailed energy usage data to the cloud, using the homeowners Wi-Fi network.  It is designed equally for households and energy providers.  Households are able to better understand and optimise their energy usage patterns allowing them to save money, whereas for energy companies it offers a way to develop new innovative ideas to better understand and engage with their customers.  The device featured at the Power and Utilities conference at the MCEC, bringing it to a wide international energy audience. 

The energy sector is experiencing significant disruption with energy providers required to concurrently navigate changing consumer expectations and new business models entering the market.  Powersensor provides energy providers with a key platform for consumer engagement in this challenging landscape.  Through the real-time provision of detailed energy data and deep consumer insights, energy providers are able to better understand and respond to the changing needs of their customers.  At a household level, Powersensor enables householders to understand their solar generation and better manage consumption so as to minimise cost.  At a macro level, the data collected by Powersensor enables energy providers to analyse broad behaviour patterns and identify evolving customer needs. 

2019 Deloitte report recommended the Australian energy market shift its focus from incremental advances in core operation to adjacent and transformational innovation projects that make new opportunities and markets accessible.  Deloitte Australia Renewable Energy Partner John O’Brien noted that the Australian energy market is exposed to global shifts and recommended energy suppliers add focus to innovation plans “urgently,” centred on answering consumer behaviour shifts aligned to the rapid evolution of new technologies.  DiUS co-founder and CEO Joe Losinno has extensive experience in the Australian energy sector, IoT, and innovation projects and agrees.  “Energy providers need deeper insights into the changing needs of their customers to help navigate this new world.  Core to helping understand their customers better and respond to the changing needs of the broader marketplace is timely access to granular and contextualised data.

“DiUS engineered the Powersensor and associated cloud platform to be attractive for consumers and energy providers, with the aim of delivering tangible benefits to both parties.” Losinno said.  “Our Powersensor pilot projects revealed consumers are – if anything – even more motivated to use this type of technology than we had expected.  Their primary goal is lower household energy bills, which motivated adoption of our technology.  Putting the customer at the heart of any innovation is key.  Consumer adoption of the Powersensor will deliver larger and a more fine-grained view of their energy consumption and generation, which will paint an increasingly informative picture of the customer for energy providers, ultimately enhancing their overall customer engagement model.”

The general release of Powersensor follows successful trials in 300 homes throughout Victoria, SA and NSW.  These trials demonstrated that the DiUS solution is capable of creating the right kind of behaviour change for consumers to lower energy consumption in a tangible way, delivering savings to the householder and a more  effective customer engagement platform for energy providers.  Powersensor is small, lightweight and is powered by soa rechargeable Lithium Ion battery.  The device is low cost and does not require an electrician to install, making the device significantly more accessible and the installation hassle-free for householders.

The Powersensor technology is backed by a secure IoT cloud platform hosted on AWS.  Householders are able to view their data in real-time allowing them to better understand their energy generation and consumption when it matters most and when they can save the most.  Our mobile application (available through the iOS App and Google Play Stores) carefully guides the householder through a simple, quick and easy to follow self-install process.  Energy providers can connect through a secure and modern programmatic interface, to provide their customers timely and insightful; access to energy data. 

DiUS has a history of delivering innovative products to market, both for its customers and itself.  Our passion for innovation in energy stems from our desire to make a positive impact to the environment, and we believe we achieve do that with Powersensor, whilst at the same time whilst providing a way for householders to save money. 

Powersensor builds on a record of success bringing energy IoT devices to market since 2009.  Powersensor utilised consumer and energy provider insights from earlier products, including PowerVu, Australia’s most adopted in-home energy monitor. 

For further information, visit our website at https://www.powersensor.com.au/

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