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The quickly evolving COVID-19 situation has impacted many industries, forcing companies to re-imagine the way they operate. For many, this has meant standing up a remote workforce in a hurry.

As a technology consultancy with flexible work practices, our people are well versed in operating this way. So, we’ve curated a collection of blog posts and other resources to share our ways of working, along with the tools that have helped us adapt.

Working remotely with client
Managing the day-to-day when working on a remote client project

As a technology consultancy with flexible work practices, we’re well versed in this way of working. So, we wanted to share some tips and tricks for how we work remotely with our clients. We spoke with Bryan Signey and Danilo Lo Santo, two of our Sydney based Software Engineers, about their experience working on a remote client project.

Working remotely
What it’s like working remotely, full-time

In September last year, I began working remotely with DiUS from Perth. I had previously worked from home on the occasion, but working remotely day in day out is a different story.

Starting new things
Starting new things, in new ways

Think of the last time you were involved in kicking off a new project. How was the experience of getting everyone aligned around the vision and started on the actual work? Was it smooth and quick, or did you encounter some bumps along the way?

Remote leadership team
Leading Remotely: From Tokyo to Melbourne

For the last few years I’ve been working remotely from Tokyo, with only short trips back to Melbourne to visit clients and catch up with colleagues. Working remotely has its fair share of challenges (and benefits), and being a technical lead for a team while remote can add a few more to both lists.

Photo taken in Tokyo while working remotely
Making remote work, work

This isn’t a story so much as a sell. It doesn’t matter if you’re a manager, or a CEO, or a developer, or a tester, or anyone, these skills and practices are important. Even if you don’t do full-time remote work, fixing your work practices to allow the possibility of remote work helps heaps.

Facilitation of GameDay

Running GameDays is an effective chaos engineering practice to rehearse failure scenarios, discover how the system as a whole (including both the technical components and the people involved) respond under stress, and to generally bolster resilience.

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