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participating in a GameDay

Let’s have a GameDay!

A few weeks ago, I was given the opportunity to participate in a GameDay on a client engagement. As this would be my first Gameday, I was super excited, however I had little idea about what to expect, or how I should prepare for it. In this blog post, I’ll share my own personal experience from participating in a GameDay, with a focus on the more technical side of things.

Selecting the right option with Amazon Personalize

CX for the post-COVID, modern-day customer

The concept of customer experience is not new. However, we’ve seen a renewed focus with many businesses forced to change the way they deliver products/services and meet the expectations of their customers. Organisations who have spent time evolving their customer experience…

kubernetes container orchestration.

Delivering value on Kubernetes

Being configuration driven, open source and very pluggable, kubernetes remains one of the most loved and sought after platforms in the community. I’d like to share some of our own learnings and insights from being in the trenches, delivering value on kubernetes.

kubernetes container orchestration.

Kubernetes, it’s everywhere!

While everybody seems to be talking about Kubernetes, they have different reasons for doing so. In this blog I’ll look at the various reasons we have come across for businesses wanting to use Kubernetes, and if and when it makes sense.

Agile delivery method

Adaptation and product delivery

COVID-19 has brought this disparity in organisational resilience into stark relief. It seemed a good time to share my thoughts on what helps organisations and teams, engaged in digital product delivery detect, react and respond to changing environments.


Working remotely

The quickly evolving COVID-19 situation has impacted many industries, forcing companies to re-imagine the way they operate. For many, this has meant standing up a remote workforce in a hurry.


Remote Working Coffee Retrospectives with the Lean Coffee Table

As a facilitator, every retrospective is like a coffee—with the right blend of technique and creativity it will be as good as you make it. Doing preparation prior to a retrospective is crucial to its success and ensuring that the team sees value, resulting in a more engaged group.

Working remotely

What it’s like working remotely, full-time

In September last year, I began working remotely with DiUS from Perth. I had previously worked from home on the occasion, but working remotely day in day out is a different story.

Starting new things

Starting new things, in new ways

Think of the last time you were involved in kicking off a new project. How was the experience of getting everyone aligned around the vision and started on the actual work? Was it smooth and quick, or did you encounter some bumps along the way?

Remote leadership team

Leading Remotely: From Tokyo to Melbourne

For the last few years I’ve been working remotely from Tokyo, with only short trips back to Melbourne to visit clients and catch up with colleagues. Working remotely has its fair share of challenges (and benefits), and being a technical lead for a team while remote can add a few more to both lists.

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